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About Us

Our Work in the Middle East

The American English Language Teachers Association in the Middle East is providing several educational services to Saudi private and public schools, institutes and other organizations. These programs and services are offered through the AELTA Professional Development Center in Riyadh, which is accredited by AdvancED-NCA. NCA is the North Central Association Commission on Schools and Colleges (NCA). Our coursework is designed to meet international standards, while addressing local Middle Eastern needs. The courses are approved by the Ministry of Education (See attached letter). We conduct needs analysis, design professional development programs, and provide consulting services in curriculum development and school improvement. Our major focus is on teacher and leadership education in the Middle East, as it undergoes education reform efforts.

Among the topics we tackle during teacher and supervisor training sessions are research-based and best practices in the areas of: critical and higher order thinking, integrating skills, brain-based learning, differentiated instruction and multiple intelligences to address learner needs, conflict resolution strategies, reflective teaching, cooperative learning and leadership skills. We have been able to monitor effectiveness of the programs through supervisor help sessions, teacher in-class practicum and collection of student products post training.  This type of controlled program monitoring has been a first in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have successfully executed several projects with the Saudi Ministry of Education public school system in the areas of English language teacher training, supervisor training and quality assurance. For private schools in the Middle East, we assist schools to effectively implement international curricular programs using best practices and EFL Strategies, to meet accreditation standards through strategic improvement planning, to train staff, and to develop, align and map customized curricula. Our center was also selected to be the training partner for Macmillan Publishers for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to design and execute the 2008-2009 training program for Ministry of Education's English language teachers and supervisors that are trialing the new grade 4, grade 5 and secondary English language programs. In collaboration with Imam University we, designed an intensive training program for university professors on the process of program accreditation for 8 Saudi universities throughout the Kingdom. Our signature program is the AELTA International Teacher Certificate which aims to equip teachers in English-medium international schools with the foundations of educational concepts and research-based strategies applicable in the Middle Eastern classroom, with specific attention given to integrating English Language Teaching (ELT) best practices.