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curriculum development, staff development, teacher educationThe AELTA Professional Development Center (licensed as Creative Skills Institute) partners with other institutes to offer joint courses and programs. These partnerships add value in several areas. As an accredited center, AELTA-CSI ensures that all programs that we partner with meet our accreditation standards and met university level continuing education standards. If AELTA trainers or trainers we evaluate conduct these partnership courses, we can offer continuing education units (CEUs) to course participants. These partnership courses must conform to the following requirements. If they do not, we offer consulting services to interested partners to recommend improvements to upgrade their programs.

Partnership Course Requirements

  • Defined expectations
  • Aligned assessment of participants
  • Research-based and best practices
  • Interactive materials
  • Documented participant engagement in activities
  • External application assignment or reflection (for CEUs)
  • Adherence to local facility safety requirements
  • Collection of quality assurance data – (i.e., satisfaction survey post-program)
  • Complete training package (participant’s package and trainer’s manual)

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